Grand Cru Soft Thermos Cups, Pack of 2



Keep your coffee and tea warm for longer. The Grand Cru Soft Thermos Cups with a capacity of 26 cl give you lots of room for delicious, frothy milk. The curved edge means that the cup sits perfectly in your hand and invites you to indulge yourself for longer. The best Thermos Cup has multiple uses. It can also be used for soups topped with delicious herbs. We offer a 10-year breakage guarantee on porcelain. The cups come in a pack of 2 cups. Great gift idea for any occasion.

Series: Grand Cru Soft
Color: White
Quantity: 2
Material: Porcelain
Diameter: 3.3 inches
Height: 4.1 inches
Please note: Dishwasher-safe at temperatures up to 130°F. Microwave safe.

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