Grand Cru Mixing Bowl 0.6 qt.



Kitchen products in white melamine from the Grand Cru range are well-designed products created to make cooking and baking easy and practical. The mixing bowl from Rosendahl’s Grand Cru range is available in two sizes. This bowl has a capacity of 0.63 quarts and is ideal for anything from whisking eggs for an omelette to dessert coulis. The larger model has a capacity of 3.7 quarts. The Mixing Bowl has a non-slip silicone edge and a solid grip that means that it is easy to manage the contents – even with a hand blender, whisk or electric whisk running at full speed. A gift idea that prioritises functional kitchenware. The bowl also comes with an airtight lid.

Series: Grand Cru
Color: White
Material: Melamine
Volume: 0.63 quarts
Please note: Dishwasher-safe at temperatures up to 130°F and suitable for the freezer

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