Cabernet Candlestick, 5.9", 2 Pcs.



Table-Be-Set. Holmegaard's elegant candle holders in Peter Svarrer's Cabernet range have been designed to include a stylish optical effect with the candle and stem melding into one. Whether you use a single holder all on its own or several together, their tall stems add a stylish, hovering look to your table. Available in three sizes in gift boxes with 2 candle holders: as shown measuring 5.9", a lower version measuring 4.7" and a higher measuring 7". An ideal gift idea for any occasion.

Series: Cabernet
Color: Clear
Quantity: 2 Pieces
Material: Glass
Height: 5.9"
Please note: We recommend washing glasses at a temperature of max 130°F

Type: Glassware

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