Cabernet Candlestick, 4.7", 2 Pcs.



There are many ways of welcoming guests. Candles and a beautiful table is one of them, and Peter Svarrer's and Holmegaard's designer candlesticks from the Cabernet range is an elegant solution. Svarrer's design creates smooth transitions from the candle to the stem and produces a stylish optical effect. The candlestick is available in three sizes: as shown measuring 4.7" and two taller versions measuring 5.9" or 7". Available in boxes of two and a gift box with all three sizes.

Series: Cabernet
Color: Clear
Quantity: 2 Pieces
Material: Glass
Height: 4.7"
Please note: We recommend washing glasses at a temperature of max 130°F

Type: Glassware

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